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Sunday Nights with Burnt Hickory Worship

Sunday Nights with Burnt Hickory Worship

We want to provide a place where your students can engage in helping lead our congregation in worship. We have a variety of opportunities at different age groups, so whatever your age, come join us!

Radiate WRSHP Teams

Sundays  |  5:30–7:00 pm  |  Music Suite

Radiate WRSHP Teams are for students in grades 9–12 who like to sing, play an instrument, or use their talents in production. Radiate Worship partnered with Radiate Student Ministry and traveled to spread God's love through song, devotions, and service to the people living in Anchorage, Alaska in the summer of 2022. The group has been to numerous locations over the past 25 years including Alaska and New Orleans in the US as well as Australia, Belize, Dominica, Ecuador, England, Kenya and Prague. Carey Amos, Worship Pastor, leads this energetic group. Radiate WRSHP Teams will travel with Radiate Student Ministries on an International Mission Trip in May, 2024.  Contact for more information.

Middle School Choir

Sundays  |  5:30–6:30 pm  |  Room 280

If you’re in grades 6–8 and looking for a place to learn how to find your voice in leading worship with people your age, then this choir is for you. Come find out what it means to lead a congregation in singing and praise to God. Middle School Choir will begin August 14th and will wrap up December 3rd. For more information, contact