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Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring is for couples who need just a little help, as well as couples who are in crisis and have little or no hope.

Marriage mentors will help you identify key areas of concerns using an online couple's diagnostic survey. They will carefully help you navigate through issues derived from the survey. The weekly sessions will last up to 10 weeks and are approximately 1.5 hours long. Mentoring most often occurs in the home of the mentors. 

We use a biblically based approach developed by founder, Matt Loehr.  Couples take an in-depth survey which will help identify areas that need strengthening and core heart issues.  The mentor couple provides guidance, truth, and love to help walk the couple through the issues toward solutions.

Marriage Mentoring FAQs

Do I have to fill out the application to participate?

Yes.  However, there are only a few questions that are required in order to submit the application.  Basically, the contact information is the only requirement for application submission.  However, the more information the Mentor has at the beginning of the session, the better prepared and prayed up they can be. 

Who views my application?

Only the program administrator and the Mentor Couple.

How are the Mentors assigned?

Mentor couples are assigned on a first available basis.  Exceptions to this assignment are those Mentors who may attend the same Life Group as the Mentee.  In this case the next Mentor Couple in the available Mentors category will be assigned. 

If we join our Mentor Couple’s Life Group will we have to change Mentor Couples?

No. If you choose to attend your Mentor Couple’s Life Group once you are involved with them, you will not have to change.

Do I pay with both applications?

No.  Only one payment is necessary.

What do I do if I need help with the fee?

Contact the church office or the program administrator.

What if my spouse does not want to participate?

If you would like to participate in Marriage Mentoring, but your spouse is not at the point of agreement in participating in this program, feel free to contact our church office and take advantage of our other counseling services.


If you are interested in being mentored, please complete the following two steps:




Once the request form and payment is received, we will contact you to help connect you with a mentor couple.

Burnt Hickory Baptist Church values marriage and family and the programs designed to maintain strong relationship.  If God has gifted you, as a couple, with those same passions and you would be interested in coming alongside of others in developing better relationship tools, consider applying to be a Marriage Mentor.

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Thanks for joining us on this very important journey.  For more information on our mentoring email