InsideOUT is the missional focus of Burnt HIckory Baptist Church. InsideOUT describes the lifestyle of a mature Christian - changed on the inside by our Lord Jesus Christ and living out our new lives in Jesus. InsideOUT also describes the two areas of service for all Christians - ministry inside the Body of Christ and mission to witness to the lost world. InsideOUT is the way we interpret the instructions of Jesus in Acts 1:8 where He told His followers:

"You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.

Burnt Hickory and it's InsideOut Missions Ministry has a place for you.


I’ve grown up “in-church” but had never really

considered a true, purposeful, long-distance

Mission Trip. When the Mission Trip to Resonate

Church in Janesville, Wisconsin was proposed, I

was encouraged by a LifeGroup classmate to join

them. Our family usually takes a summer beach trip

vacation, but we discussed going on the Wisconsin

trip because it was different— and something our

entire family could do, even our 5-year-old. So, we

said, “Yes”! As the time to go on the trip neared, we

learned that our BHBC team would be 17 people

comprised of adults, teenagers and children. The

team met for planning sessions and discussed

travel plans like flying versus driving to Wisconsin.

 Proclaim his glory to the nations, his mighty deeds to all peoples. - Psalm 96:3

When the day arrived, my children were very

excited. My wife and I was very excited! Our flight

landed safely, and, after a short-drive, we met the

Resonate Church leadership team. Immediately,

you could feel God’s presence! As the week

progressed, we helped Resonate Church hosted

block parties, water games/jumpies and meals for

the community. Our children joined with Resonate

children to deliver cookies to the surrounding

neighborhoods. Both teams worked to remodel

the restrooms in the old church they lease. Our

group also went home-to-home inviting people to

the events and praying for them if/when possible.

During the week Pastor Jesse of Resonate Church

said FIVE community members called/emailed

asking about connecting more with Resonate

Church. That is a huge blessing for a small church

and eternal blessings for the kingdom of God!

When the trip concluded, I looked back on

all that our family experienced.We made a

physical difference by remodeling restrooms and

painting their buildings, but what surprised me

most were the relationships formed during the

week. I definitely have a closer connection to the

BHBC members we worked with. I also have TRUE

FRIENDS in Janesville, Wisconsin. All week long,

Pastor Jesse and the Resonate Church Leadership

Team kept thanking us— saying we were a blessing

for them and their community. I understand what

they meant, but the real blessing was multiplied.

Not solely for Resonate, but for me, my family, my

children and our BHBC team. Going on a purpose-

built Mission Trip has changed my life and I look

forward to doing it again! - Matt Reed


 We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God. John R.W. Scott