Sunday LifeGroups for Adults


The best way to get connected here at Burnt Hickory

Our worship services are exciting times for us to exalt our Savior together and a great starting point for those visiting our fellowship. However, to be part of a community and get involved, everyone at Burnt Hickory is encouraged to commit to a LifeGroup - a group of people in the same season of life, who are seeking after God's will for a life of purpose.

The purpose of a LifeGroup is to develop to a community of believers, devoted to:

  • Learning God's Word
  • Involved in Ministry
  • Fellowship & 
  • Evangelism

You will find greeters at our Welcome Center who will be glad to help you find LifeGroups that are eager to embrace you. A full list of current Adult LifeGroups by age and season of life is available HERE. You may also contact our Adult Ministry for a personal recommendation by filling the below form out or calling 770-590-0334.

Heart to Heart Ministry
Can't make it to a LifeGroup on Sunday or know of someone else who regularly can't? Burnt Hickory's Heart to Heart Ministry offers a weekly Explore the Bible summarized lesson that can be provided by mail or email weekly.  For more information or to sign up, please email .

LifeGroup Leaders
Have you led a Lifegroup previously or feel led to? With our church expansion, we are looking for new teachers. Please email Adult Pastor Alan Folsom to discuss.