During this time of uncertainty, we ask you to make prayer a priority in your life and in the life of your family. Please lift up these prayers and others as God leads.

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It is always our honor to pray for you. At any time during these days or beyond that you would like someone to pray for you and with you, we are here. Please enter your prayer need through this page, see below. For the Prayer Office call: 770-590-0366 and for an immediate need call the Prayer Hot Line: 770 590-0372.

As we approach the Easter season, it has become our tradition at Burnt Hickory, as a Body of Christ, to prepare our hearts for this special time by turning to our Lord, Jesus Christ. One way we can do that is through LENT Bible Readings and prayer. We invite you to join us in preparing for Easter by reading the complete story of Jesus’ birth, life, death and His glorious resurrection. Make this a focus for you and your family’s daily life and see the light of Jesus shine brightly from your hearts.  


Ash Wednesday February 26 Matthew 1-3
February 27 Matthew 4-6
February 28 Matthew 7-9
February 29 Matthew 10-12
March 2 Matthew 13-14
March 3 Mathew 15-16
March 4 Matthew 17-18
March 5 Matthew 19-20
March 6 Matthew 21-22
March 7 Matthew 23-24
March 9 Matthew 25-26
March 10 Matthew 27-28
March 11 Mark 1-3
March 12 Mark 4-6
March 13 Mark 7-9
March 14 Mark 10-12
March 16 Mark 13-14
March 17 Mark 15-16
March 18 Luke 1-3
March 19 Luke 4-6
March 20 Luke 7-9
March 21 Luke 10-12
March 23 Luke 13-14
March 24 Luke 15-16
March 25 Luke 17-18
March 26 Luke 19-20
March 27 Luke 21-22
March 28 Luke 23-24
March 30 John 1-2
March 31 John 3-4
April 1 John 5-6
April 2 John 7-8
April 3 John 9-10
April 4 John 11-12
April 6 John 13-14
April 7 John 15-16
April 8 John 17-18
Maundy Thursday April 9 John 19-20
Good Friday April 10 John 21
April 11 I Corinthians 15


We want to pray for you!

To be a part of the Prayer Facebook Group for the purpose of sharing prayer requests and praying for other church members, click here: BHBC Prayer Closed Group

To stay up to date with the movement of prayer in our church, community, state, nation and world, like our Facebook Page: Prayer in Burnt Hickory, community, state, nation and world

 Current Prayer Events:

"GOD'S 100s" Prayer Groups
  • Parents & Grandparents join together to pray for our children, every Sunday morning at 9:00am in Room C240. Led by Lynda Poole.
  • Parents & Grandparents join together to pray for our students  & children, every Sunday evening at 5:30pm in Room C240. Led by  Lynda Poole, Eve Latting & Jennifer McCollum.

Stop by the new Prayer Room off of the Main Lobby.
Open when the main doors of the church are open.



BHBC Prayer Movement

The vision of the BHBC Prayer Staff and Leadership Team is that everyone in our church will know through experience and practice that everything they seek to accomplish in their personal growth and in their service for the Lord must first begin with prayer - that each person will seek personal cleansing, repentance, and supernatural praying. We want our church family to view ourselves first as people who pray and then as people participating in organized prayer through our prayer movement.

The goal for our church is that we will be a " of prayer..." (Isaiah 56:7). So everyone is encouraged to be part of the BHBC Prayer Movement in addition to other areas of service. If you would like to know more about opportunities for service, see further down.

Opportunities for service:
All Children, Students and Adults:

God’s 100sSmall prayer groups for their passion. Each group prays at least one time monthly at the church, under-girding with "Kingdom Focused" prayer. The following groups have already stepped forward:

Children • Church & Staff 
Grief  • Missions • Moms in Prayer
  Special Needs • Students

If you have a passion for a group not already listed, please let us know.

Special Events Team – Organize and promote church, community, national prayer events such as Prayer Vigils, Gardens of Prayer, Church/School/Community Prayer Walks, National Day of Prayer, etc.

Adult BHBC Members
(18 yrs & no longer in High School):

Altar Prayer – Those with a heart to pray for those drawn to the altar during the invitation on Sunday mornings. Need to be former or current deacon or LifeGroup teacher.

Intercessory Prayer Team – This team responds with intercessory prayer when there is an immediate prayer need (may include life/death situations) coming in after the "Prayer Messenger" is printed on Wednesday until the next one is printed the following Wednesday. They are "standing in the gap" until the entire body of Christ has the prayer needs through the "Prayer Messenger."

Intercessory Prayer Room – Pray for one scheduled hour weekly for confidential and non-confidential prayer needs.

Power Source – Kingdom praying during the morning worship services (9:30 & 11am) for the lost, the services, the pastor, staff and volunteers, Christian growth of our members, for the lost, our community and country.

Prayer Admin Team Administrative help with prayer publications and operation of the Prayer Room (phone calls, encouragement cards, emails to people who have put in prayer requests and possible computer input).

Prayer Walking Team - Pray for a special prayer covering from the Lord sealing with every step our Burnt Hickory people, building and grounds for the Lord - prayer walking Sunday mornings & for special church events.

Preschool Worship Prayer – Leading prayer in both Sunday morning preschool worship services.

For any questions or further information, please contact Barbara Clark or the prayer movement.


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