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The vision of the BHBC Prayer Staff and Leadership Team is that everyone in our church will know through experience and practice that everything they seek to accomplish in their personal growth and in their service for the Lord must first begin with prayer - that each person will seek personal cleansing, repentance, and supernatural praying. We want our church family to view ourselves first as people who pray and then as people participating in organized prayer through our prayer movement.

The goal for our church is that we will be a " of prayer..." (Isaiah 56:7). So everyone is encouraged to be part of the BHBC Prayer Movement in addition to other areas of service. If you would like to know more about opportunities for service, click below.


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It is always our honor to pray for you. If you would like someone to pray for you and/or with you, we are here. Please let us know your prayer needs by clicking on the button above, or you can contact us through the Prayer Office by calling 770-590-0366 or emailing . For an immediate need, call the Prayer Hot Line: 770-590-0372.

To stay up-to-date with the movement of prayer in our church, community, state, nation and world, like and follow our public Prayer at Burnt Hickory Facebook Page.

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May 9-may 15

Prayers for Our Mothers

As we look back at Mother’s Day last year, in May of 2020, we are humbly grateful to the Lord for He has been our rock throughout this last year and He is delivering us from this difficult situation. There have been tragic losses from this and other illnesses in this last year and there have been miracles with people coming home from the hospital and completely recovering. We have rallied around each other, bonded in unexpected ways and found new ways to reach out to our neighbors and communities. We have seen families make major life-style changes that have brought them closer to each other and to the Lord. Our children, students, parents and educators have struggled with all the changes that had to be made with education. 

The COVID cases, though, are now fewer, millions are vaccinated or getting their vaccinations and our economy is coming back because of the resilience of our people! Many this year will be able to enjoy special family times for Mother’s Day that just were not possible last year and enjoy them in a “more relaxed” atmosphere than we faced even a few months ago. Thank You, Abba Father, for being our rock during this last year and providing what we needed each day, one day at a time like the manna to the people of Israel while they were in the desert (Exodus 16). 

Prayers for May 9 -15

Thank You, Abba Father, for the precious gift of spending time with family and friends over the Mother’s Day Weekend, especially in light of what we have all lived through in this last year. May we always remember these special times as we continue to daily honor our Mothers and remember those Mothers no longer here with us.  (Prov 31) 

Your Prayers for Your Mother
Lord, thank You for the precious gift of my mother and bless her with a long healthy life.  

Father, may my earthy mother or mother figure in our family seek to be Christ centered so we will always reflect Your love and grace. 

Lord, bond us closer as a family through all the experiences our family shares. 

Father, relieve her stress and give her peace and contentment in her daily routines. 

Father God, help her to realize just how much her love, joy, peace, strength, grace, kindness, patience, wisdom and going “above and beyond” mean to each of us in leading and guiding our lives. 

Bless and guide every Mother, Lord Jesus, who has lost her husband due to death or separation and is raising children as a single parent. May they realize that You, Christ, are their Bridegroom, always there for them.  Instill in them Your courage and strength to parent their children with Your heart. (Eph 6:10-12) 

Your Prayers in Remembrance
Thank you, Lord, for the precious gift You of my mother who You ordained for me. 

How grateful I am, Father, for all the wonderful memories I have of my mother’s days here with our family and all that we shared together.  

Give me guidance, Lord God, to implement in my life the great treasures You had her share as we were growing up, so that I may share them with my children. 

Prayers for people with Unique Needs
For those children, Lord, who do not have a “Mother” figure in their daily lives, provide a Christian mentor, family member or friend who will be that role model for them. (Phil 4:9) 

Help us to forgive our mothers who did not seek Your guidance, Lord, throughout the years. Destroy any root of bitterness to focus inward instead of on You.

A Mother’s Prayers
Abba Father, thank You for the precious gift of my family. Please bless our family and bond us closer together and close to You in every situation we experience. 

May I always come to You first, Lord, concerning everything. 

Help me, Lord God, to carve out the time daily to be with You in prayer and in Your Word so I will grow in Your likeness, hear Your voice and obey You. 

May I be willing to change as You guide me so I will see the full fruits of what You have placed inside me.  

Guide me daily to be model being Christ centered in my life and actions so our family will also be Christ centered… 

May I reflect Your love every day in every way to everyone.  

May I be faithful to the responsibilities as a wife and mother and always be there for my loved ones. 

Lord, please keep my family close with strong bonds of communication led by You. 

Father, help me to always seek to be in the center of Your will for me.  

“Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:”
(Prov 31:28)

by Barbara Clark (Prayer Coordinator) and Barbara Hart, (Prayer Leadership Team), Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, May 2021


 Pray & Minister

Please lift up all four of the following prayer points every day and marvel at how God works!

 Ask God to:

  1. Prepare your heart,

  2. Show you how and to whom you should reach out,

  3. Prepare their hearts,

  4. Give you opportunities to share the gospel and to minister.

Be Light

for Christ

“For this is what the Lord has commanded us: ‘I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’”
(Acts 13:47)

You can use the “Bless Every Home” website to help you
pray for and minister to your neighbors.
Click HERE.  





National Day of Prayer 
May 6, Thursday 
You can still watch the Virtual Events:
Cobb County Prayer Breakfast with Taylor Scott (104.7 The Fish) & Babbie Mason or Facebook 

GA Capitol Prayer with Teresa Cantrell and Mark Mirza or Facebook 

BHBC Live Virtual Event with Pastors Matt & Alan, YouTube, or Facebook 

NDP Natl Broadcast from the Museum of the Bible, Kathy Branzell with Greg Laurie, Will Ford, Matt Lockett, Tony Evans, Anne Graham Lotz, Jack Graham, Ronnie Floyd and more...  or Facebook




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