Staff Directory

Pastoral Ministry Staff

Mike Stephens

Senior Pastor

Marty Godfrey

Executive Pastor

Brian Foster

Missions & Singles Pastor, Pastoral Counseling

JoAnn Gregory

Senior Pastor's Assistant

Childhood Ministries Staff

Aaron Holloway

Childhood Pastor

Jan McGuffin

Associate Director

Janet Miles

2nd-3rd Grades/Clubs Associate

Josie Rudd

Event/Elementary Worship Associate

Abbey Cooler

Worship Coordinator 3s-5s

Diana Culpepper

Age-Level Coordinator Babies-2s

Dawn Harris

Age Level Coordinator 4th-5th grades

Jennie Hester

Noah Special Needs Coordinator

Lee Knox

Childcare Coordinator

Tracey Montgomery

Child Protection/K-1st Grades Coordinator

Allison Mullinax

Age Level Coordinator 3s-5s

Liz Sims

Childhood Ministry Assistant

Allison Stitt

Worship Coordinator Babies-2s

Bobbilin Taneri

Ministry Services Coordinator

Sheryl VanHorn

Worship Coordinator K-1st Grades

Weekday Education Ministry Staff

Joy McKinney

Weekday Education Director

Melodie Presley

Weekday Education Associate Director

Joanna Jones

Weekday Education Bookkeeper

Jan Sowell


Student Ministry Staff

Matt Petty

Student Pastor

Chip Paul

Middle School Pastor

Katie Meriwether

Student Ministry Associate

Eli Laughlin

High School Associate

Matt Smith

College Associate

Maria Thomas

Student Ministry Assistant

Adult Ministry Staff

Alan Folsom

Interim Adult Pastor

Brian Foster

Missions & Singles Pastor, Pastoral Counseling

Mindy Barahona

Adult Ministry Associate

CJ Crenshaw

Mobilization Ministry Associate

Tammy McClure

Outreach Associate

Kim Sobel

Adult Ministry Assistant

Missions Ministry Staff

Brian Foster

Missions & Singles Pastor, Pastoral Counseling

Kimberly McDurmon

Missions Ministry Associate

Kim Reed

Local Missions Associate

Worship Arts Ministry Staff

Carey Amos

Worship Pastor

Grant Buro

Technical Director

Janet Allison

Worship Associate

Tyler Corbin

Production Associate

Tyler Cory

Worship Leader

Susan Floyd

Worship Assistant

Leslie Gillis

Choir Associate/Pianist

Jason Meriwether

Band Leader

Monika Pineda

Sole to Soul Co-Director

Joy Poole

Worship Associate

Rosemary Turner

Sole to Soul Co-Director

Administration Ministry Staff

Chip Vincent

Business Administrator

James Blount

Director of Visual Media

Martha Coyle

Food Services Director

John Mills

Facilities Director

Theresa Pluckter

IT Director

Jan Fenton


Marsha Jones

Human Resources Associate

Henry Deramus

Network Associate

Michaela Bowling

Event Coordinator

Vickie Guernsey


Kevin McClure

IT Associate

Rebecca Meadows

Communications Associate

Cindy Medford

Media Center Coordinator

Terri Younce


Prayer Ministry

Barbara Clark

Prayer Coordinator

Lecia Farmer

Prayer Ministry Assistant