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Burnt Hickory Music

Burnt Hickory Music

Want to try a new instrument?  Participate in group ensembles?  Learn the basics of music theory?  Or write your own music?  From beginners to experienced musicians, young children to adults, Burnt Hickory Music provides the opportunity.

Private Instruction:

  • Acoustic guitar *
  • Bass guitar *
  • Electric guitar *
  • Piano
  • Strings (violin, beginning cello)
  • Ukulele
  • Voice

* Our guitar instructors recommend students be at least 10 years old.  Please consider UKULELE for younger students to introduce them to music.  Many concepts transition to guitar.  

Click HERE for Private Lesson Tuition Rates.

Music Theory and Composition Class:

Want to expand your musical knowledge?  Ever wondered how music is written?  Or contemplated writing your own music?  Our guitar teacher, Paige Garwood, M.Ed., MFA – a music composer himself – has designed this 14-week ONLINE course to introduce you to the world of music theory and composition.  For more detailed descriptions of Music Theory classes, click HERE.

Click HERE for Music Theory Tuition Rates.

Group Classes for Younger Students:

**group classes are under construction; check back soon for additional information

Want to introduce your child to music?  Help them develop a love of music and instruments through our engaging music classes.


Meet the faculty

The faculty and staff of Burnt Hickory Music & Dance are trained musicians and/or dancers and experienced classroom instructors.  For more information, click HERE.


While we are a ministry of the church, Burnt Hickory Music & Dance operates solely on the funds generated by tuition and fees, which are used to provide the best instructors, equipment, and supplies. Therefore, tuition and other fees will be collected for specific services and products provided throughout the year.  For tuition rates, click HERE.

For more information about tuition and fees related to Burnt Hickory Music & Dance lessons or classes, refer to our student POLICIES.  

Parents:  To make a tuition payment, click HERE to log in to your Parent Portal.  

sound interesting?

Check out the Burnt Hickory Music & Dance 2022-2023 SCHEDULE and the student POLICIES.  Tuition rates for all music opportunities are HERE.  For additional questions, EMAIL the Director, Rosemary Turner.  

ready to sign up?

Registration is available online or through the Burnt Hickory Music & Dance Director.  A non-refundable, yearly registration fee of $20 per student is required for enrollment.

For more information about private lesson availability, please the Director.  Fall Semester Registration information coming soon.

Please note: Students may not enroll in more than a combined 10 hours per week of dance classes, private music lessons, or group music classes offered through Burnt Hickory Music and Dance, including the Sole to Soul Dance Academy.