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3-2-1 Serve

In March, we challenge everyone at Burnt Hickory to join us for 3-2-1 Serve

We want to encourage everyone to serve our community by participating in 3-2-1 Serve. Take time this month to serve personally three times, with your family twice, and through your LifeGroup at least once. By serving, we are able to open the doors to talk to others about Jesus — our “why” for serving. While serving, look for ways to start Gospel conversations with people around you.

Take the challenge, and let's serve:





You can find many ways to serve personally in your neighborhood, at your kid's school, or even at your work.

Here are a few examples:
  • Provide yard work for a neighbor
  • Prepare a meal and deliver it to someone going through a difficult time
  • Bake cookies for your co-workers, thanking them for all they do




As A Family


Gather your family together and find at least two opportunities to serve this month.

Here are a few examples:
  • Pack food boxes at Noonday Storehouse
  • Contact a local fire department or police station and provide a need there, whether treats or other items they could use
  • Purchase and drop off supplies at Calvary Children's Home



As A LifeGroup


Ask your LifeGroup to partake in a larger service project. Make sure you share your stories about all the amazing things you do together!

Here are a few examples:


So, what can we do to serve our community? Think about baseball season. Maybe you have a child in your family having ball practice around dinner time. Could you offer to bring pizzas, not just for the team but for the other families there for practice? What about joining together as a LifeGroup to serve with one of our local partners in the community? These are just some ideas that can help you serve others with the goal of sharing Jesus as well.

How about your neighbors? We live in a garage door society where we open the garage door to leave and shut it when we get home. How can you reach out and get to know your neighbors? Is there a single mom on your street that needs her yard mowed? How about inviting an elderly neighbor over to join your family for dinner?

These are simple and easy ways to get to know people to serve others. And hopefully, as we build those relationships, we can have Gospel conversations. What is a Gospel conversation? Asking someone if they attend a local church is a great starting place. Maybe ask what they believe about who God is or what He means to them. We often overcomplicate the Gospel, but sharing who Jesus is to you and how He changed your life is what it’s all about.   

So join us this month as we focus on others and spreading the hope of Jesus!