Wednesday Night Schedule

Wednesday Evenings - Family Discipleship


Family Dinner (click for menus) is located in the Family Life Center.

First time coming to Family Dinner? We are so glad you are joining us! There is a section below that takes you through how to receive your meal.





Middle School Worship (Radiate Auditorium)

Middle School Talk-Back Groups & Gym Time

High School Free-Time (Radiate Café)

High School Worship (Radiate Auditorium)


Preschool & Children's Interactive Discipleship (BHBC Kids Building)

(Children must have a printed tag to enter the Childhood classroom areas. If this is your first Wednesday, Welcome!  There will be a registration desk attendant in the BHBC Kids lobby to check you in and assist you with printing your tags.)


Pastor's Bible Study, or attend one of our


(Click picture for a list of Adult LifeCourses)


Adult Choir Practice

How do Wednesday Night Family Dinners work?

Price:  $7 for adults; $4 for children (11 & under); $5 for soup/salad/potato bar (max price per family is $22)

The line:  Dinner starts at 5pm in the Family Life Center. 

There are two lines on the right side of the Family Life Center (if you are looking at the stage) that form at the kitchen doors. There will be a cashier at the door to take your payment, and you will receive tickets for your dessert. Cash, checks and credit/debit cards are accepted. Checks can be made to BHBC.

You can proceed through the cafeteria line to get your meal (menu on the outside of the kitchen door), or simply ask someone for a plate for the salad bar if you are opting for the soup/salad/potato bar only.

Drinks, desserts, condiments, and the soup/salad/potato bar: These items are located in the main lobby area just outside the Family Life Center. Just find a seat and put your tray down, then go to the lobby to retrieve your items.

Dessert: To get a dessert, simply place your ticket (given to you at the cashier table) in the glass bowl and tell the attendant your dessert of choice. 

Meal completion: Please take your tray with your plates, cups, silverware and trash to the drop off area located to the right of the Family Life Center in the main lobby. There you will find several trash cans. Please throw away trash, leftover food and disposable products. Leave your plates, cups and silverware on the tray and give those to the attendant in the drop off area.

You're done! Tables are broken down beginning at 6pm so that our facility teams can have the FLC ready for Radiate Student Ministry.